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Aqua Baby Swimming Class

For babies or toddlers from 6 months old to 3 1/2 years old. 


Other Classes

Comprehensive English Programme (CEP) is for children age 8 - 13 who want to acquire & perceive English, in order to prosper in life.


Math IXL is fun & loaded with engaging math games. Who said math is boring..? 


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  • "Bismillahirahmannirrahim.. Finally last nite was my last class... manage to swims 10 laps, sampai naik semput hehe.. Bermula dengan kosong, hanya penonton di tepi kolam, seka..."
  • "When i signed up for the course (1 to 1 private coaching), i was a bit doubtful if i could learn swimming with the promised 4 styles within 8 classes. However, the result proves..."
    Satisfied student of swimming class

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